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There's no cost to sign up for Go-Uptime breakdown services and no annual fees.

Your only cost is per incident—our fee is $59 per breakdown + 5% of any invoice we pay on the customer’s behalf. To sign up, complete and submit the secure form below. New customers will need to complete a Credit Application form as well. For each form, please review the questions before getting started so you can pull together all supporting documents and information needed. For assistance or to sign up over the phone, call 1-800-689-0915.

*Required fields

  • Primary Contact

  • Provide contact information for the person responsible for setting up and managing your Go-Uptime account.
  • Asset Types

  • Asset Details

  • If DOT Inspections and PM are conducted in-house, who should we instruct drivers to contact if they feel that Inspections/PM are due?
  • National Repair Accounts

  • Procedures

  • Authorization Limit

  • What is the authorization limit you would like us to adhere to and who should we contact if the repair estimate is over that limit?
  • Email Notifications

  • Call Center Invoices

There’s no value in downtime.