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With spring coming to an end, it is important to keep in mind that the summer heat can be hard on refrigeration units. It is even harder on units and trailers that haven’t been properly inspected and prepped for the hot weather. Here are some easy tips that you can use to keep your reefer running cool this summer.


Always make sure that the condenser is free of dirt and debris. Refrigeration units require free airflow through the front of the unit to cool the load properly. You may power-wash the condenser, but pay attention to what you’re doing. If you spray side to side you will bend the condenser fins and create an even bigger problem. Always spray up and down and use caution around any electrical plugs.

Another way to increase airflow for your refrigeration unit is to unhook and pull away from the unit when parked if possible. When the unit is coupled or in a confined space it will begin to pull in the heat from the engine, which makes it harder for the unit to cool. If you are able to, pull away from the trailer while it is running to maximize cool airflow into the unit.

 Inspect your trailer’s door seals and drain holes to make sure the trailer isn’t leaking air. If your trailer’s integrity has been compromised and is no longer fully sealed the unit will begin to suck in air from the outside. This causes the unit’s evaporator coil to freeze up due to moisture in the outside air. Always inspect the inside of the trailer for holes in the walls or insulation after every load.

If your unit is cooling slowly or struggling to keep temp, run frequent defrosts on the unit until the water stops draining from the hoses. Always make sure the drain hoses are cleared of debris.  

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